Once Upon
a Time...

There was a little red fox named Finn that lived in the lush wilds of the Blue Ridge mountains. He liked to run and play in the woods by day and sip teas, picked from the plants of the forest, when the air started to become chilly in the late afternoons. This was his tea time, his favorite time of day to relax and enjoy the shifting light through the Poplar trees.

Finn's Tea was born out of deep appreciation of the plants, forest animals and magic in the Appalachian Mountains.

About Us

👈🏻 This is the 'other' Finn, my son, when he was just a kit. He grew up drinking tea and is a great business partner.

I"m Kari, I've had the pleasure of living in the Southern Appalachian mountains for the last two decades. I grew up in the the Adirondack mountains and have been a plant nerd, critter lover, and alchemist, my whole life. Finn's Tea is a cumulation of many years of exploring magic and the power of plants in all its forms. I hope you'll enjoy our tea and that it brings comfort to your body, mind and soul or at least tastes really good!

Love, Kari & Finn.