cold brewed

Our iced teas are hand-crafted and cold brewed for flavor. Taste is really important to us, alchemy an art that we hope you can sense in every bottle of our beverage teas. These are the teas Finn and I have been drinking for years.  ❤️Try our Appalachian Mint, Blue Ridge Berry or Balsam Black!

organic herbs

We only use organic and wild harvested herbs, local honey and organic cane sugar in our blends. Regenerating our soils and supporting small farmers is healthy for our communities and we strive for sustainability in sourcing, production and packaging. 

for everyone

Our teas are for all critters! Big and small kids included. We have unsweetened and caffeine-free options so that everyone can enjoy our teas. When sweetened, only slightly sweetened with organic licorice, sugar or local honey, and we never use fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. 


Once upon a time, there was a little red fox named Finn that lived in the lush wilds of the Blue Ridge mountains. He liked to run and play in the forest by day and sip teas, picked from the plants of the forest, when the air started to become chilly in the late afternoons. This was his tea time, his favorite time of day to relax and enjoy the shifting light through the Poplar trees.

One summer day Finn didn't feel much like hot tea so he filled a Mason jar with fresh water from the Ivy River, foraged for the tastiest leaves, flowers and roots from the mountain -- and let it nestle overnight in some rocks at the base of a cold waterfall until the next morning. Iced Tea! Sunny days thereafter, Finn's tea ritual had a refreshing new twist! 

Finn's Tea was born out of deep appreciation of the plants, forest animals and magic of the Appalachian Mountains. We only use organic herbs, local honey and great taste to cold brew our iced tea. We hope you'll enjoy our family recipes! Love, Kari & Finn 


where to find us

Come see us at the Mars Hill Farmers and Artisans Market held every Saturday morning from 10am-1pm, from April to October 2021. We will be there every other week, so check our IG: @drinkfinnstea or email us to find out when we'll be at the market. 
Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments or if you're interested in offering Finn's Teas, as a wholesale partner.

plant magic in a bottle.